When it comes to security, our mission is simple: Reduce your business risk by delivering solutions specifically designed to stop security breaches.

Your defenses should be based on industry-leading technologies, and they must be layered and integrated to be effective. With advanced persistent threats, hacktivists, organized crime, and a host of other bad actors, you need a cybersecurity partner who can deliver more than packaged products: You need expertise in building layered defenses that address the most advanced adversaries.

Our security services help your organization reduce business and technical risks, and achieve your compliance objectives. New vulnerabilities and exploit techniques are discovered on a daily basis, and with threats as pervasive and damaging as ransomware, data theft, and system take-overs, it is vital to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities quickly. Likewise, it is crucial to be able to report on your security controls and their effectiveness over time. Our solutions for information and cybersecurity ultimately protect your business, your customers, and your brand.

Vulnerability Management

BlueRange’s vulnerability management services detect weaknesses in your systems, applications, and even your employees and physical locations. We offer Vulnerability Assessments, in which our engineers run scanning tools against your internal and externally-facing assets. We then generate a report with all security findings, prioritized by severity, and review it with you.

We offer consulting services to help your organization improve and develop controls to mitigate security findings discovered during vulnerability scanning. For clients with more stringent security requirements, we can conduct Penetration Testing against your internal and externally-facing assets to verify if a vulnerability can be exploited.

BlueRange can also conduct social engineering and other people-based testing to measure employee security awareness, and evaluate employee actions and responses against your security rules and guidelines. We can also help management determine if employees need training in any areas that will improve your security posture.

Network & Infrastructure

No matter what new technologies and trends emerge, securing systems and data is still all about the fundamentals. The BlueRange team has the knowledge and expertise that your business needs to protect data and intellectual property. Whether you need advanced end-point and server protection, comprehensive firewall coverage, or if you have an active security breach, we are your trusted partner.

We offer security products, solutions, and consulting services to improve the security of your networks and infrastructure. Our solutions include next-generation firewalls, VPNs, secure wireless, network architecture and design services, and custom solutions we build with you to meet your specific security and privacy needs.

End-point & Firewall

BlueRange Technology delivers advanced end-point security solutions including protection against viruses, ransomware, web-borne threats, remote access Trojans, spyware, and unwanted programs. We have end-to-end solutions that integrate incident response with the end-point security solution. These solutions feed threat and health information to network firewalls with cloud-based management and data exchange. The result is comprehensive security that provides real-time protection and actionable intelligence that your security team can use to minimize damage from malware, ransomware, and other threats. We also offer advanced sandbox detonation and analysis of threats with feedback to end-points and firewalls, giving you the ultimate in threat defense and incident management. Also included are powerful management, auditing, and reporting features to make it easy to comply with your security control objectives around information security management.


Your data is your business’s life-blood, or perhaps your customers’. We offer encryption solutions to protect desktops and laptops as well as servers, and even data you exchange with external parties via email to ensure data privacy. When it comes to securing data, few protection methods offer the level of security and privacy that encryption offers. Our encryption solutions add powerful compliance and administration features to allow detailed auditing and reports, role-based management to separate authorization levels, and allow you to securely store, exchange, and recover keys across devices so your business retains control over your data.

Email Filtering, SPAM, and Virus Protection

Email remains a highway into corporate and government infrastructures that bypasses other security mechanisms such as firewalls. This is because hackers can leverage zero-day exploits embedded in PDF and MS Office files, which can combine with social engineering attacks like phishing to achieve their objective. Many of the high-profile security breaches we read about in the news are initiated by hackers using email as the initial delivery method for the malicious software. From there, hackers establish an internal point of operation where they can further exploit an end-point, pivot to other internal resources, and dig deeper into your infrastructure — making identification and eradication a lengthy and difficult process. BlueRange offers the most advanced protection against email-borne threats in the industry. We accomplish this by delivering email security solutions that are integrated into the network and end-point security components, and by leveraging a superior anti-malware protection engine in the core email security product.

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