September 7, 2018Janice Yucel

Top Chromebooks for Education Blogs You Should Read this Week

When it comes to hardware in ed tech, it’s all about the Chromebook. We know firsthand.

Want to do some more reading on the topic? Here’s some of the top blogs you should read covering security, durability as well as Chromebook competition.


Why Chromebooks are a Secure Computing Choice

Right from the onset, Google was focused on building powerful and secure machines, which has been met by applaud by security experts. Chromebooks are built with security features readily available in the machines, including: automatic updates, data encryption, sandboxing and verified boot.

While Chromebooks attacks are uncommon and the system is difficult attack, they are not immune to malware. And while they don’t have the same kind of vulnerabilities that lead to the headline-grabbing ransomware attacks gripping organizations across all industries, ed tech does have its own unique security concerns. Read more.


Endpoint Security for Chromebooks

Chromebooks are appealing because they are affordable, making possible for many schools go 1:1. With tens, hundreds or even thousands of machines purchased at a time, it is definitely a major investment. As an ed tech IT professional, it’s up to you to ensure the security of each machine, as well as your school’s network.

Bluerange is a notable Chromebook vendor having provided hundreds of thousands of these devices to educational organizations. Our team knows from many discussions that security is a top priority of your IT staff. While the devices themselves are secure in how they are built, we also know that schools have additional security needs.

As you’re researching various security platforms for your own school, check out this brief compilation that summarizes offerings of the leading security solutions for Chromebooks, created specifically for schools by GoGuardian, Absolute and Sophos. Read more.


The Best Rugged Chromebooks for the Classroom

If you’re an IT buyer for a school district, you’re going to be looking for Chromebook models that can withstand some abuse by K12 students. It’s a unique challenge for ed tech IT – finding machines that can be forcibly opened and slammed shut, withstand frequent falls, and even spills.

Thankfully, most Chromebook manufacturers have designed laptops specifically for the children in your distrcit. They are built to endure the challenges of K12 users, while also providing the necessary computing function you need.  

Want to learn more about the best options? Read more.


 Will Microsoft’s Surface Go Change Ed Tech Hardware?

Ok, so this one isn’t about Chromebooks exactly. But it’s about a Chromebook competitor – one Microsoft has been cooking up for a while now to regain some of its share in the ed tech market lost to Google over the last several years.

The Surface Go’s target market and “sweet spot” is grades 3-5. Microsoft has stated that it is not a device meant for the professional or non-casual user, and is something that would “work for your first-grader.” Those who have tried it also conclude that it is “is not meant for adult hands” and the accompanying screen is also too “little.” So maybe not your first choice for the office, but perfect for the K12 classroom.

While it’s price is significantly lower than other Surface models, it’s still higher than the competition.  But, even at that price, it’s still higher than the Surface Go’s main competition, including Apple, Google and Acer. Read more.


Have you done enough reading and are ready to inquire about getting Chromebooks deployed into your school? Contact us to talk with one of our ed tech specialists who can answer any questions you may have about the best model and best price that suits your school district’s needs and budget.

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