August 31, 2018Janice Yucel

Getting the Most from a Hyperconvergence Investment

In IT, you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. This means IT professionals always do their research on new systems and frameworks before spending any of your organization’s hard earned money. (At least we hope so.) 

As virtualization has become more commonplace in businesses, healthcare and even education organizations, your IT Team is probably familiar with the new and popular framework being implemented in data centers around the world called hyperconvergence. 

If you’re still researching hyperconvergence as a possibility for your organization, you’ll want to ensure it’s the right fit, and that you’ve chosen the appropriate vendor to ensure its success.

What is Hyperconvergence or Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)?

Hyperconvergence, or sometimes referred to as Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), is essentially an IT framework that combines storage, networking, and computing into a solitary system. By combining the three, there is a decrease in data center complexity and organizations are able to increase their scalability over time by deploying additional modules as needed.

A hyperconverged platform is one that has a hypervisor used for virtualized computing including software-defined storage and virtualized networking. One significant advantage to using this type of platform is that it is almost always run on standard servers that an IT department may already have in place. For convenient consumption, this system can be used to cluster multiple nodes together and ultimately create pools of the shared storage and computing devices. This brings it all together to create a more flexible system that can be used by more people with less of a hassle.

Overall, HCI can provide an easier-to-manage system than you would find with your standard enterprise storage infrastructure. If you are looking for a system and infrastructure that can provide you with solutions such as added flexibility and more manageability, hyperconvergence makes this an easier process.

This is a modern type of infrastructure that can take your organization to the next level through a public cloud infrastructure while still having the control of your own hardware and devices on site at all times. 

Benefits of Hyperconvergence

The two main benefits that you get from hyperconvergence are flexibility and simplicity. However, these are not the only benefits. When compared to other legacy solutions that are in use today, this type of infrastructure also provides more stability and the ability to grow over time.

While a lot of other solutions will suit your present needs, they do not always offer the room to grow and expand. This can mean constant problems when your organization is growing at a rate at which your data center cannot keep up. HCI allows servers, networking switches and storage systems to be managed from as a single system, while the software-defined storage produces greater scalability and efficient resource utilization as your organization grows.

Over time, this type of infrastructure can also provide savings for the IT budget by cutting spending on space, power, backup fees, labor, and much more.

How Do You Get Started with HCI?

Once you have an understanding of HCI and its benefits, you’ll want to know the best way to begin applying the technology. You can start with HCI at first as an appliance, a software only model, or as a reference architecture. Vendors like us at BlueRange Technology partner with industry leaders providing the latest HCI technology and expertise to help steer you in the right path while getting set up.

We also work hard to offer bundles including WAN optimization, data deduplication, backup or disaster recovery, data protection, compression, or snapshots. What you can get through a vendor will vary depending on which vendor you choose to go with for hyperconvergence.

How do you get the most value from your HCI investment?

As with any IT solutions investment, you want to make sure that you get the most out of your dollars spent. There are a few things you can do to maximize the system for use within your company.

Be sure you go with an HCI solution that has been tested and verified for best use within your existing infrastructure. You may be tempted to build your own solution but buying the appropriate product(s) outright ensures that you will get more value from the system that you are using. You will also avoid spending time and resources building something that may or may not work within the infrastructure. 

Hyperconvergence is the future of IT and it is just now gaining some traction in the industry. If you want to create a modern infrastructure for your company and are ready to get started with HCI, be sure to reach out to us. We can help make sure you get set up properly for the most success and can even talk through all of your various options. See how you can benefit from HCI today.

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