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Chromebooks for Use in Your Classrooms

From doing homework to collaborating in class, Chromebooks for education provide the performance to help students succeed.

Acer Chromebook

Is a Chromebook the Right Choice?

Chromebooks offer a wide range of options and features that can help students of all ages succeed with their education. Chromebooks for education are less expensive than other devises such as iPads or Windows laptops, making them perfect for education.

Chromebooks are designed to work with Google’s education applications such as Google Classroom and G Suite for Education, making work seamless and quicker. The Chrome OS is easy and lightweight making it easy to learn for all age groups including parents.

The Chrome OS is also designed with security in mind and can be locked down to meet the school’s IT policies.

Kid in Class using Chromebook

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Pros of Chromebook in Schools

Many well-known manufacturers like Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo all make educational Chromebooks at various price levels.

Most education-geared Chromebooks feature touch-enabled displays and styluses that are great for tactile learners like most students are and Chromebooks are preloaded with the Google Apps so they are ready to go right out of the box.

Multi-layered security and automatic updates make Chromebooks more secure and safer to share. And Chromebooks are rugged and reliable making them perfect for kids to use.

A Samsung Chromebook

Popular Chromebook Models

The beauty of the Chromebook OS from Google is the ability to deploy the technology on various models from different manufacturers.

Chromebooks and Google’s educational application are simple to use, well integrated into inexpensive Chromebooks, and are the perfect foundation for education.

School systems across American have spoken loud and clear in support of the Google’s Chromebook platform. With over 30 million students using Chromebooks at school already making it a very popular IT solution for school boards.

Customers looking to integrate a secure, easily navigable laptop solution that can appeal to students of a wider age range. Request a quote today or call 877-928-4800 to speak with our team.

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