Effectively Monitor Your VDI User Experience

Organizations looking to succeed are doing what it takes to leverage the advantages of virtualization technologies. Most of them have realized the benefits that come with embracing the end-user desktops through approaches such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

And while VDI solutions enhance security and efficiency, they’re not without a shortcoming – deployment challenges. So, any organization seeking to reap the full benefits of VDI solution has to make sure the user experience is top-notch. Otherwise, the adoption will stall while the project will fail.

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Is Your Business Ready to Move to the Cloud?

With two-thirds of SMBs revealing that technology is the primary element in pursuing their objectives, cloud computing remains among the fastest growing technologies. In fact, a Microsoft SMB study indicates that by 2020, 78% of the small business will have adopted cloud computing.

And thanks to the many and continuing benefits, cloud computing has become a natural step in the growth of every small and mid-sized business. So, as an IT executive, CEO or one of the central decision makers in a company, you have to ensure your business moves with time lest you’re left out in the revolution by your competitors.

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