Top Chromebooks for Education Blogs You Should Read this Week

When it comes to hardware in ed tech, it’s all about the Chromebook. We know firsthand.

Want to do some more reading on the topic? Here’s some of the top blogs you should read covering security, durability as well as Chromebook competition.


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Endpoint Security for Chromebooks

If you’re an IT strategist for a school, you’ve probably gone Google – or are planning to do so like thousands of your peers across the U.S. and Canada.

That means you’re investing funds in Chromebooks for education, which may be a part of a 1:1 initiative of getting a machine to each student in your district.

While it’s true that Chromebooks come with an affordable price tag, going 1:1 means you’re investing in hundreds, maybe thousands of machines. Collectively it is a sizeable investment, and it’s your job to ensure the integrity and security of each machine, as well as your network. Read more

Will Microsoft’s ‘Surface Go’ Change Education Tech Hardware?

Last year, K-12 classrooms were taken over by Dell. According to research company Simba Information, a nationwide survey found that Dell Chromebooks and laptops were used most often in K-12 classrooms last year. Hoping to change that record and claim a larger piece of the pie, Microsoft has revealed a new hybrid tablet, the Surface Go, with its base model starting at just $399. That price point is significantly lower than the Surface Pro 4, which is the latest in its respective line, but the Surface Go obviously has more affordable build-in hardware and fewer bells and whistles. Read more

The Best Rugged Chromebooks for the Classroom

When you’re shopping for Chromebooks for education to be used by kids in a K12 environment, you’re going to be looking for models that can withstand some abuse. Machines are opened and slammed shut, they fall off desks and out of backpacks, and other items too may fall or be spilled on the Chromebooks. It’s the nature of this trade. Read more

Why Chromebooks are a Secure Computing Choice

As the volume and depth of data (both personal and corporate) continue to increase, cyber attacks have become the order of the day. The rising crop of security threats facing PCs demands emphasis on security to avert the many major attacks lurking out there. In their efforts to reinvent the laptop, the team behind Chromebooks stressed on bringing a fresh perspective on the security area.

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Microsoft Responds to Chromebooks’ Growing Popularity in the EdTech Market

The competition in the EdTech market is limited to just three players; Apple, Microsoft, and Google. The tech giants have strived to outdo each other in this arena with numerous offers, upgrades, and updates. While Apple and Microsoft are the pioneers in this industry, Google took over the U.S. market with Chromebooks. To save its market share, Microsoft brought to the market new products at the beginning of 2018.

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Rave early reviews for Acer’s new 15-inch Chromebook for education

The Acer Chromebook 15 is earning rave reviews already! Acer recently added two new models to their family of Chromebooks for education, the 11-inch C740 and the 15-inch C910. As one of the biggest Chromebooks on the market, the Acer C910 brings more than just its bigger size to the table. The increased surface area makes way for a large, beautiful HD display and upward facing HD speakers, as well as a body with reinforced corners and other strength boosting features.

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Shopping Chromebooks for Schools? Compare Pixel, Acer & Dell for K12

Shopping for computers for your school requires you to take several factors into consideration that might not come up when buying personal machines. If budget is a major concern – as it is for most schools – then you may be particularly interested in the benefits of Chromebooks. These handy machines run Google’s browser-based Chrome OS, and they allow your teachers and students to perform a wide range of tasks. Acer and Google have been competitive in the Chromebook market since day one, while Dell released its first machines in the category in 2014. Here is a look at the pros and cons of the latest Chromebooks for schools from these top manufacturers.

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Chromebooks for Schools Get Faster – Acer Leads the Way

The concept of Chromebooks being a great choice for schools to use is nothing new–these versatile laptops are less prone to issues because they run a browser-based operating system, and they are generally very affordable. Still, the Chromebooks that have been available until recently haven’t been able to compete with the size and processing capabilities of more robust laptops. Acer just announced its new Chromebook, however, and it is set to revolutionize the use of these computers in the education technology sector with its impressive specs.

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