What is ‘Crimeware as a Service’?

It’s called Crimeware as a Service, or CaaS, and many hackers are utilizing it over the more traditional hacking methods of the past. The traditional ‘direct attack’ method wasn’t deemed good enough, and as such, many are now leveraging something known as ‘crimeware’ — or paid malware and the like — to lure users who are a bit less tech-savvy and can’t tell the difference. Read more

Selling Cybersecurity to Your Boss

The separation between IT professionals and management has been long documented and discussed. While lead executives are beginning to open their eyes to the long-term effects of poor network security, there’s still plenty of pushback as to how much money and time they want to devote to protecting their network.

Even as widescale attacks continue to mount, the denial that something catastrophic could happen to their company can be difficult to break down. If you have a boss who continually dismisses the need for more robust security, it may be time to start appealing to a different set of sensibilities. Read more

Will Microsoft’s ‘Surface Go’ Change Education Tech Hardware?

Last year, K-12 classrooms were taken over by Dell. According to research company Simba Information, a nationwide survey found that Dell Chromebooks and laptops were used most often in K-12 classrooms last year. Hoping to change that record and claim a larger piece of the pie, Microsoft has revealed a new hybrid tablet, the Surface Go, with its base model starting at just $399. That price point is significantly lower than the Surface Pro 4, which is the latest in its respective line, but the Surface Go obviously has more affordable build-in hardware and fewer bells and whistles. Read more

Top Cybersecurity Blogs You Should Read

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of IT news and business strategy for enterprises, and increasingly so for SMBs around the world. There are many factors to consider as it comes to coverage. While cyberattacks spare no industry, your strategy and risk factors may vary.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our top cybersecurity posts that highlight some of the leading concerns for your industry. Read more

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