The Best Rugged Chromebooks for the Classroom

When you’re shopping for Chromebooks for education to be used by kids in a K12 environment, you’re going to be looking for models that can withstand some abuse. Machines are opened and slammed shut, they fall off desks and out of backpacks, and other items too may fall or be spilled on the Chromebooks. It’s the nature of this trade. Read more

The Future of Healthcare Cybersecurity: AI

The question of security has never been greater in the healthcare industry. With hackers and competitors looking to leverage data from legitimate healthcare organizations, companies must find ways to protect their patients without losing out on the very real advantages of big data. Read more

IT Asset Disposition and Your Company

When it comes to modern business, maximizing the value from your assets is just as important as the expansion of those assets. The lifespan of even the best technology is getting shorter. IT asset disposition, otherwise referred to as asset recovery, replaces asset disposal as the more cost-effective way to optimize utility.

Read more

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