Holograms in the Classroom? The Not So-Distant Future of Ed Tech

Photo Credit: Microsoft

Holograms—they are not just some scientific wizardry that you might see in today’s gaming technology.  Holograms are more than the ability to see pictures in thin air; they are the future of education. Sounds a little dramatic?  Well, maybe … but first let’s take a look at what holograms are. Read more

Securing Connected Medical Devices: Healthcare IT


Patient safety is—and should always be—the utmost priority.  In today’s internet and computer driven world, it is more important than ever to provide secure connections between devices—especially for healthcare organizations. When it comes to gaining access to sensitive patient information, scam artists have learned to break through security walls in a variety of ways, including: Read more

Converging Physical and Cybersecurity for Business

New technology brings with it new opportunities for a breach in security. Malicious third parties always seem to be one step ahead of the good guys. As companies are required to outsource beyond their in-house capacity, infrastructure eventually becomes too big to protect without a detailed, efficient strategy.

The convergence of physical security and cyber security marks a new level of protection in business security – one that every company should take seriously.

Read more

The Benefits of VR in the K12 Classroom

The new wave of so called “empathy technology” is proving a vital component in expanding the perspective of learners across the globe. The definition of empathy technology can be argued. Two of the most important components of every definition of the term are immersive communication and potential for distribution.

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