Tips for Migrating to and From G Suite and Office 365

Maybe your organization has been caught up in a dilemma between Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G Suite. Both of them are capable of hosting a cloud-based collaboration solution for businesses any size.

Even more confusing is the fact that the two products’ features ‘may appear similar.’ In light of this, thorough research is required so you can focus on the one that suits and addresses the priorities of your organization.

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Improve Your Efficiency with G Suite

G Suite is a robust tool with numerous apps that make it easy to create, share and collaborate. Knowing your way around the apps can make work faster and easier for you, your colleagues or your students.

If you’re still getting used to using G Suite as a professional or educator, we have a few tips below that will help you get accustomed to the new tools at your fingertips. Read more

Cybersecurity Obstacles in Healthcare IT

While cybersecurity is a growing priority across every industry, the cybersecurity analyses released each year seem to consistently feature the healthcare sector landing in that group that is unfortunately seeing a greater number of breaches and a greater amount spent in response to each incident.

It’s true that breaches in healthcare are common, but they may seem to be increasing more than others due to stricter reporting requirements and steeper fines associated with leaked PHI (protected healthcare information) records as well as PII (personally identifiable information).

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Why Chromebooks are a Secure Computing Choice

As the volume and depth of data (both personal and corporate) continue to increase, cyber attacks have become the order of the day. The rising crop of security threats facing PCs demands emphasis on security to avert the many major attacks lurking out there. In their efforts to reinvent the laptop, the team behind Chromebooks stressed on bringing a fresh perspective on the security area.

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