How to Save More on Ed Tech Hardware

Technology has become one integral component of teaching and learning and is now a class requirement for preparing students for life after graduation. But it’s not all moonlight and roses when it comes to acquiring devices.

As more devices and software enter the US classrooms, there’s a grave problem of distinct disparities in technology pricing. Ridiculous as it may sound, the same device or program will cost more from one state or district to another. Besides, some school districts have secured massive discounts on their purchases, while others have had discounts too insignificant to mention or nothing.

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Business VoIP Trends, Forecasts and Innovations for 2018

Voice over IP (VoIP) phone technology has been around for over two decades, and businesses are fast incorporating these phone systems into their operations. Also, VoIP developers and service providers are continually improving the technology to offer their clients scalability for business growth, superior mobility, seamless setup and unlimited cloud storage. Therefore, businesses can expect more reliable telecommunication trends in 2018 and beyond. Here is a breakdown of what is trending and what to expect in 2018.

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The Role of Women in Healthcare IT: 2018

It may be 2018, but a majority of women have yet to break the glass ceiling and reduce gender gaps in the IT field. While more women have taken over leadership positions across the world, recent studies have shown that women are poorly represented in the field of Information and technology. Interestingly, the gaps are wider in sectors dominated by women managers. Read more

Biggest Moments in Ed Tech History

Educational technology has experienced monumental advancements in the recent years that have highly influenced how IT decision makers and instructional designers in the education sector implement technology in learning institutions. Correspondingly, technology has shifted from being an external factor to becoming more fundamental in all forms of teaching. The discussion about the function of technology in the education sector and its impact on teaching go back several years. Read more

Prioritizing Cybersecurity in the Non-Profit World

ybersecurity has always been a major concern for different institutions including non-profits, corporations, governments and even religious organizations. Perpetrators majorly aim at corrupting data and using it to deface a website, disrupt operations, and damaging software systems. Most attacks are, however, targeted on Non-Profit Organizations for the sole reason that they keep data that could be manipulated for financial gains.  Non Profit Organizations are also deemed as a trustworthy information source. Some attacks on NPOs have an embedded code through which visitors are attacked as they try to access its website.

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