9 Ideas to Incorporate Google Expeditions into Your Lessons

Virtual reality is slowly becoming a powerful tool in the education sector aimed at transforming the future of learning. It offers teachers with a rare opportunity of reaching learners in unique ways by providing a three-dimensional learning environment. Playing around with virtual reality gear or a headset on your own or sharing the experience with a few learners and friends can be easy. However, bringing this experience to the entire classroom and involving all the learners at the same time can be challenging.

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Healthcare Technology in the Spotlight, Thanks to Amazon

The use of technology in the healthcare industry came into the limelight recently when Amazon revealed its plans to invest in the industry. The online retail giant said that it was planning to team up with Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan.

The what and how of the merger is not yet clear, but there are speculations on what they can achieve. It is essential to look at the current technology needs of the health sector to understand what Amazon can contribute to the health sector and the consequent benefits.

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Effectively Monitor Your VDI User Experience

Organizations looking to succeed are doing what it takes to leverage the advantages of virtualization technologies. Most of them have realized the benefits that come with embracing the end-user desktops through approaches such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

And while VDI solutions enhance security and efficiency, they’re not without a shortcoming – deployment challenges. So, any organization seeking to reap the full benefits of VDI solution has to make sure the user experience is top-notch. Otherwise, the adoption will stall while the project will fail.

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