3 Tips for Threat Response Planning

The most well-executed attacks are the ones that, on the surface, don’t look like attacks at all. Even the slightest gap in security is enough for a cyberattacker to wedge through. Once they’re in, it’s nearly impossible to get them out. The only option then is recovery after the fact which is much harder, more expensive, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get everything back. Still, how proactive an organization is regarding their cybersecurity often makes all the difference in terms of recovery.

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Securing the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the networking capability that allows information to be sent to and received from objects and devices (such as fixtures and kitchen appliances) using the Internet.” But with household items as connected as our computers, how can businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities stay secure?

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Ransomware Prevention & Response Tips from Experts

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Ransomware is an unfortunate encounter that every business will have to contend with at some point. Hackers don’t just keep their sights on big businesses with deep pockets; they go for the little guys as well. Unfortunately for smaller businesses without secure back-ups in place, most are left with the option to pay up or lose data forever. Anything else would take too long, or cost too much.

It is much better to be in a position of prevention than recovery, and not only is protection essential for businesses of all sizes, it is possible on many levels.

Here are a few tips pulled from John Zorabedian from Sophos’ Naked Security blog that could be applied to any size business.

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G Suite Migration: When to Call in Help

If your business or school has decided to make the switch to G Suite, the critically important task of email migration looms ahead.

There’s a lot to consider with a migration project in terms of time, cost, and whether or not you will bring in any outside help. Each individual situation is unique, and there are benefits to both sides. Of course, there are cost savings to handling in-house; yet, many organizations choose to hire IT service providers when it comes to handling the migration. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

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