Is Your Cloud Solution Secure Enough?

The Cloud has exploded over the last few years, taking root in education, business, and healthcare facilities. Everyone wants in on it, and for good reason: The Cloud is convenient. Nowadays, most organizations have at least some part of their operations hosted in a Cloud environment, regardless of their vertical.

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The Current State of Ed Tech: Google, Apple & Microsoft

The edtech market’s three major players remain Google, Apple and Microsoft. While Apple & Microsoft are the traditional leaders in this space, Google has taken over the U.S. market with its Chromebooks and Google for Education bundle. Google’s approach has made the standard edtech market adjust to its offering and marketing style, offering more to educators for their dollar.

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Product Highlight: Cisco Meraki

There is no “one size fits all” product or solution when it comes to IT. Whether you’re a school, a business, or a healthcare organization, you need targeted solutions and equipment that address your vulnerabilities and fit your infrastructure and budget requirements. Meraki, by Cisco, offers cloud-managed solutions that are tailored to match the demands of any vertical, from hardware, to security, to networking, BYOD solutions and beyond.

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Evaluating Your Data Protection Strategy

For both businesses and schools, data can be the lifeline that keeps operations running smoothly – or brings them to their knees if it is lost or falls into the wrong hands. While many organizations have data protection plans in place, many fail to recognize that implementing layers upon layers of security tools is not the strongest defense against adversaries.

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Healthcare IT & Nature Disasters: Lessons from Harvey & Irma

Data management is especially important to address before, during and after a natural disaster such as the hurricanes that recently swept through the Caribbean and the Southeastern United States. Electronic health records (EHR, also referred to as electronic medical records or EMR) interoperability is critical to the continued operations of healthcare institutions during a natural disaster as patients may be moved, absorbed from other closed clinics, or data centers may be flooded or without power.

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Is Your Organization Addressing These Top Vulnerabilities?

Businesses and schools of all sizes are subject to cyberattacks, but as an organization grows, it becomes more critical to have a solid, multi-layered security plan in place to protect data from malicious threats. The more people, devices and hardware an organization has, the greater the risks become. While it is possible (and recommended) to educate employees, students, and staff about being cautious, there are a number of security vulnerabilities that must be addressed.

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