Latest Data Breaches Reinforce Importance of Protection Investment

As another month closes, there’s more massive data breaches to report with sweeping implications of what could/has been done with the compromised data of millions of individuals.

We could probably make this a weekly update, as there seems to be headlines hitting us non-stop that all tell the similar tale of hackers successfully infiltrating networks to distribute malware and wreak havoc on companies and individuals within the U.S. and abroad.

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The Potential of Drones in K-12 Ed Tech

As we see drones being used every day in agriculture, real estate, construction, disaster recovery, and even habitat and wildlife conservation, researchers project that drone technology will continue growing as a multibillion-dollar industry. This means that more opportunities will arise for jobs in drone engineering and operations, which means there is a greater need for education surrounding drone technology. But how soon should this be taught? Some say there’s a definite place for drones in K12.

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Why are Healthcare Data Breaches the Most Expensive?

Cybersecurity is now a basic liability concern for businesses of all sizes, and every organization should have protections against internal and external threats to their best of their ability. For some verticals, data breaches are costlier than others. When it comes to the healthcare industry, organizations seem to face the steepest costs.

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Small Businesses Shouldn’t Skimp on These Tech Trends

There was once a time when working with the latest in technology was a Catch-22–it was expensive to participate in new technology, but it was necessary if a business was going to fulfill its potential. That is still sometimes the case, but today it is even more important to participate in the latest innovations designed specifically to enhance business productivity and success. As an SMB, you may not think you can afford to keep up with the latest tech trends, but the truth is, most businesses cannot afford to ignore tech. Read more

Protect Chromebook Investment with Sound School Policy

Schools all around the United States are taking advantage of one-to-one learning opportunities with computers and tablets to be used in their classrooms and to be taken home.  By far, the largest numbers of these devices are Chromebooks which account for over four million of the small computers currently in schools. While the benefits are manyfold, there are potential complications to giving Chromebooks for education to students who often take these devices home each evening. IT staff can address these concerns by laying out guidelines for school policy. Read more

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