Recertified Notebooks or Chromebooks? Research Both Before Buying


Let’s face it, re-certified technology can carry a stigma. Some school districts and SMBs who would otherwise greatly benefit from the savings of re-certified machines will overlook this option because they are set on buying brand new technology. However, they may find along the way that doing so leaves them with products that don’t provide as much return in terms of warranty, and performance. Read more

Email Security: Avoid These Common Phishing Tactics

Email security is paramount to your overall cybersecurity strategy. It is the number one vehicle of delivering malware, with over 90 percent of breaches a result of email phishing. According to Symantec, 1 in 131 emails contained malware in 2016, and in another study by Verizon, two-thirds of all malware was installed via email attachments, 60 percent was in JavaScript attachments, and 26 percent embedded in Microsoft Office documents. Read more

Google G Suite for Education Most Popular in Ed Tech

Over the past few years, Google’s Chromebook has crept into the ed tech school infrastructure to become the device of choice as school-after-school seeks out a 1:1 ratio for machine-to-student. Chromebooks are affordable and easily meet the needs of student computing, thus explaining its wild popularity with cash-strapped school districts. In January, Google announced that 20 million Chromebooks were in active use within schools. Read more

Best Science Apps for iOS & Android

There are apps built for just about every subject, and science is no exception. But the science apps may just be the coolest, most engaging of them all. If you peruse the Google Play store or Apple’s app store in iTunes, you will find countless options that cater to the various sects of K12 science curriculum. Read more

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