Using Office 365? Try These Productivity Hacks

Office 365 is called a “productivity suite,” but if you’re new to the solution, you may find yourself operating less efficiently than you’d like. Have no fear, we’ve provided the following tips so that you can make the most of your work or study while using Office 365.

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Best Phonics & Reading Apps for Young Kids

Educators are constantly evolving their curriculum and teaching strategies to incorporate the latest technology in a way that will pose the greatest benefit to their students, in addition to making the greatest use of a school’s investment in hardware. Perhaps your school is using iPads, or like so many others, have made the switch to Google and deployed 1:1 Chromebooks throughout your district. Maybe you are fortunate enough to work in, or have a child who attends a school district that has a combination of both.

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How to Use Social Selling in B2B Markets

Today’s social world has opened many doors for businesses, especially when it comes to selling products to the people in charge of deciding what to buy. Sales people must now curtail the formalities and “get social” when it comes to selling their wares.

Straight up business-to-business sales approaches are getting stale, says the Harvard Business Review. The old way of cold telephone calls, outbound contacts and personal door-to-door sales meetings is not as effective as it once was — in fact, surveys indicate that fewer prospective buyers are returning calls or looking at sales emails. More and more, we’re seeing referrals and peer recommendations as sources for opening the doors to selling to small, medium and large-sized businesses.

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The Prevalence of 1:1 Computing in 2017 and Beyond

The very first school to require every student to purchase a notebook computer was Melbourne’s Methodist Ladies’ College in 1990. This wasn’t just a notable, groundbreaking moment for technology, though—it was an initiative that got schools everywhere—K-12 included—thinking. Governments and schools from around the world monitored the effectiveness of the new educational tool the Methodist Ladies’ College had adopted, wondering what the policy meant for the future. They wondered what would happen if they too adopted a 1:1 computing initiative, and how much something like that would cost.

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Keeping Kids Secure on School-Provided Chromebooks

School security. This is a hot-button issue because most people feel a sense of concern for children, even when they’re at school. Unthinkable things can happen, but one of those unthinkable things are sometimes not considered by the public when we think about the safety of our children-cyber security. There are more than nine million computers or tablets purchased by k-12 schools for student use, so what is happening to keep children safe from cyber-attacks, identity theft, or bullying?

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Common Ransomware Hitting SMBs

Ransomware is hurting small and medium-sized businesses. While this statement is not really saying anything new, the methods are becoming increasingly complex. Hackers are developing more and varied strains of file-threatening malware; putting individuals and companies at risk. Cyber security efforts for undermining ransomware are more important than ever.

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Tips for Getting a Chromebook Grant

As schools make the move to becoming 1:1 schools—meaning each child has a Chromebook or other tablet—another issue arises for many schools: how to pay for computers and the ancillary expenses that many of us forget about at first. Some schools can simply reallocate currently budgeted funds from one part of the budget to the technology part of the budget. Some schools can pass voter initiatives to increase the budget specifically for additional technology. Most schools would appreciate knowing that there are grants available to bring 1:1 into public schools.

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