Cloud Solutions for Education: Microsoft 365 or Google Apps

Two of the better productivity applications in education are Office 365 and G Suite, which was once referred to as Google Apps. These platforms take advantage of the Cloud to allow teachers and students to work together better, whether they are in different places around the globe or just in different rooms. Collaborators can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other materials to share with team members, or to allow a teacher to look over and evaluate work as it is done, then sending it back with recommendations. They can also have meetings from different locations through video options.

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Why Ransomware Payments are Common in Small Business

If you have been victimized by a ransomware attack, there is a 70% chance you have paid to make things right again. When business executives and CIOs of businesses that have not been attacked were interviewed, 50% of them said they would not pay a ransom; but 70% do. Why do so many businesses go ahead and pay off the bad guys?

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Best Student Collaboration Tools for Educators

Educators have long known that there is much to be gained by facilitating collaboration with students. Whether the goal is to help students learn effective collaboration and work-sharing with the teacher or with peers, technology has made collaboration easier to achieve. However, just because collaboration might be easier to achieve does not mean that all collaboration is equally effective. Good collaboration in these situations means people can communicate with each other, and work on the assignment even when in different locations.

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How Ransomware is Hitting SMBs

Ransomware is a relatively new kind of evil that is plaguing people who use technology in their daily lives—meaning it can impact just about anyone. Ransomware gets into a computer network and encrypts data, then gives the user a deadline to pay a ransom, or the bad guy warns the user that the data will be gone. According to CNBC, the average ransom is $300, but there have been reports of ransoms as high as $50,000.

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Get Prepared for College With These Apps!

A hundred and fifty years ago, no one would have imagined that video messages would one day be sent from one side of the globe to the other nearly instantaneously. The word ‘video’ didn’t even exist back then—because what would it describe?

We have now reached a point in our development wherein major innovations like video conferencing are being created, but smaller advances are also being developed that make big impacts our lives. These smaller things often involve the fine-tuning of products things already exist, to get better use out of them. Software for your computer and apps for your smart phone are some of the things that keep getting fine-tuned to offer more benefits to the people who use them.

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Desktop vs. Mobile: Which is Better for Business?

It’s great to have choices when it comes to work devices. But which is better for your business? Laptops or desktops? Tablets or laptops? Sometimes an option doesn’t exist; perhaps the duties of the job require one or the other. However, for other positions the choice may not be so cut and dry.

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Top 5 Reasons Employees Stay with an SMB

There are many difference between a large business and a medium business. There are people who thirst for an opportunity to work at 3M, and there are people who would love to spend their entire careers at Dunder-Mifflin.

For some people, the idea is that you move up, and if you aren’t trying to move up then you’re underperforming. Other people are more than happy to spend their entire working career at a smaller, more intimate setting. This begs the question, why would someone want to stay in a small or medium sized business if they have an opportunity to potentially make more money at a bigger company?

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What Makes Schools Vulnerable to Cybersecurity Attacks?

Education is the third most compromised cybersecurity industry in the United States. That might not seem very surprising to a lot of people, but when you consider that most schools no longer deal with a child’s social security number, and many don’t have the social security numbers of employees in data bases, it may seem a little odder.

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How to Get the Most Out of a Shrinking EdTech Budget

What would most of us say if we paid someone $100 and they did not use a big chunk of it — anywhere from $37 to $65? They didn’t spend it, they didn’t save it, they just burned it so that it could be no use to anyone. That’s what happens to some education technology budgets. For example, from 37% to 65% of all student licenses are unused — they’re purchased, but no one uses them. That’s like burning money, it does no one any good. At a time when edtech budgets are getting smaller, burning money is not the most efficient use of those funds.

How can educational IT professionals determine the best things to spend edtech money on? Often, educational IT pros are more accomplished with the IT part of their job than education. They know how to keep hardware and software working; they can keep students safe from online threats. But they need help in finding the right things to spend money on, or they are taking a chance that they are burning money.

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4 Computers for SMB Retail Businesses

Choosing the right hardware for your small to medium sized business is an important decision to make. You have to decide what you want technology to do for you, then once you know what you need on your machine, you have to make the best choice for you and your needs.

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