Google Management Console Makes Managing Chromebooks Possible

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to manage 1,000 computers that are in the hands of pre-teens and teens? That is the challenge facing IT pros in schools all across the world. How you would stop viruses. How would you prevent inappropriate apps from being put on the machines? How do you even attempt to maximize the learning possibilities by creating different groups for students who are in one class one hour, then they need to be linked in with another group from another class during a different hour?

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6 Desktop Computers for Work

Whether you need a new computer to use at work, or you need to sometimes work at home, choosing a new desktop computer can be daunting for many of us. However, there are some things you can decide before you go shopping that can make the decision easier for you:

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The Real Cost of a Cybersecurity Attack

Hacker typing on a laptop

It goes without saying, no one wants to get hacked. Whether a business, an individual, or something in between, outsiders accessing our private data is wrong and it is frustrating. To analyze exactly how bad getting hacked is, consider the total cost of a cyber attack. For the record, it is practically impossible to find a fair way to universally make this measurement, but there are ways to measure cybersecurity attacks that are at least consistent.

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Best Gaming Apps for Learning a New Language

Whether the apps are geared for school-aged children, college students or adults of various ages, foreign language-enhancing games and basic online courses take the edge off the idea of “pressure learning.” Game and application course learning is easy, say the developers, because these small lessons are portable; you can play and engage in the time it takes to stand in line, commute to work, wait on (telephone) hold, take a coffee break and just about any other time a spare moment comes up.

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Why are Collaboration Tools Critical for Business Growth?

Collaboration can lead to new ideas from different members of a team, which is why tools like Office 365, Sharepoint, Google Docs/Drive and virtually dozens of others are so important. We all have strengths and biases, and when we see a project, those strengths and biases allow us to look at a project differently than someone else.

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How to Incorporate Cybersecurity Lessons into K-12 EdTech Curriculum

The internet is a lifeline; we count on the World Wide Web for just about everything these days. Children spend a lot of time online too – their safety depends on how well they understand what can happen when they share information in a public forum. Although parents and guardians are always expected to teach their children about the hazards of social media and online communication, schools and teachers can help in this process.

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