Best Business Analytics Tools for SMB Budgets

We live in an age in which we are supposed to have data to help make every decision. In most aspects of business, that is true. We have data about customers, about prospective customers, about competitors, and just about everything else needed to make business decisions. The question is, how can we take the data that we have and turn it into something useful? We may know that we have 100 different people who browsed our website yesterday, but what actual data do we have? How do we turn that data into something of value?

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The Best Education STEM Toys

It is no secret that one of the major pushes for students in America is STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math education. Schools in particular are trying to find ways to engage their students, often beginning in preschool and then very early elementary education. Early engagement generally comes from educational toys that help children create a curiosity that hopefully they will pursue as they age.

Students learn to have fun with toys and games, and often learn to use STEM skills to solve problems or win the game. Some toys are for demonstrations in classes, but most of the top toys allow students to investigate and learn on their own.

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Preschool Children and Computer Use for Education

It seems that among other improvements in technology and computers each year, someone finds a new way to get technology in the hands of younger and smaller children. For many consumers this seems like a great idea. As children grow up, they will be using tech more and more often so early exposure seems ideal.

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How Your Small Business Can Manage Shadow IT

Business CIOs and IT professionals get nervous about the use of “shadow IT” at work. Shadow IT is any hardware or software deployed in a company without the knowledge of, or maintenance of, the company’s IT department.

CIOs and IT pros like to be in charge of the technology that is used on their systems, and with good reason. In an age when people are no longer surprised by reports of hacking, malware, ransomware, and other kinds of “wares,” it makes sense that professionals seek that control. However, it is not a surrender when IT professionals embrace shadow IT for the sake of the job.

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CES 2017: What’s to Come for Ed Tech

Some predictions estimate that $19 billion will be spent on educational technology in 2017. That means there are ample reasons for hardware and software businesses to try to catch the attention of educators all around the world. This is always the case, and it was recently the case at the most recent CES summit held at the beginning of January in Las Vegas.

One of the offerings that attendees could have participated in at CES was the TransformingEDU summit. This summit put a focus on education and showing what those presenting thought were the more important educational technology changes and improvements that educators, parents and students would see in the near future.

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Five Tips to Improve Cybersecurity in 2017

When bad things happen, we can either allow ourselves to be paralyzed by fear, or we can react and try to take charge. When dealing with business, it is best to do all that we can to make ourselves and the people and things that are important to us as safe as possible. That is certainly true when considering cybersecurity.

Computer Weekly has suggested that for too many businesses and individuals, the task of adding security to technology is too complex, and many people think it is too expensive. Therefore, people are sitting back and waiting for something bad to happen. People seem to reason that if big box stores can be hacked, or if insurance conglomerates are hacked, what chance to do they have with a tiny fraction of the budget. There are five things every business can do to ensure their cybersecurity and their reputation for 2017.

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