8 Best Chrome Extensions for Chromebooks

Schools all over are using Google Chromebooks as tools in the classroom. Students can be connected to websites that allow them to delve deeper into their lessons thanks to these small laptops. With Chromebooks, students can learn how to use spreadsheets, or how to be better writers, all the while receiving fast and convenient feedback from teachers.

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How to Make Your BYOD Initiative Successful

Many businesses are transitioning to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for their employees. Over the past decade, BYOD has been a common tool among some schools that wanted to make technology part of the curriculum but did not have the money to purchase tablets or computers for their students. Now, businesses are seeing some of the same advantages by having their employees use their own devices at work and at home.

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Ed Tech in Emerging Markets vs. U.S.

From a business perspective, it’s no surprise that the future of educational technology in emerging markets is almost limitless. According to Cisco network’s website, 10 million students drop out of school every year. To put that number into perspective, there are 10 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa. Then, consider the number of school-age youths who never start school for various reasons—ever. Technology offers education opportunities to those who are far from a school, or who may have to work during the day to support their families.

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