Office 365 & Your Business

Times are changing in the business world. Believe it or not, there was once a time when the only place a person could consistently get work done was at the office. Every once in a while there were projects that could be taken home, but most job duties could only be performed in the office. Nowadays, as long as we have the right tools we can work from anywhere, which means we don’t have to be in the office all the time to visit clients or to find new clients. We can get our work done while we’re on the go with innovations like Office 365.

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Why Should Schools Use IT Managed Services?

It is not uncommon for small and medium sized businesses to turn to IT management companies to serve their IT needs. This allows a company to focus more of their dollars on their own particular reason for being in business—to provide an excellent service, or to sell products—and not have to allocate such a large chunk of money to their technological needs. Considering the view of technology in business, then why wouldn’t schools consider doing the same thing?

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Are Managed IT Services Wise for SMBs?

Small and mid-sized businesses are learning that it can pay off to contract their technology services out. Using a managed service provider tends to keep the business online more, and it makes it easier to choose the right apps and programs, because experts are there to recommend the right tools for the tasks at hand. There are many benefits to contracted IT services that affect saving money and saving a business’s reputation by being online more.

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