How To: Make the Most of Your SMB’s IT Budget

Keeping up with today’s technological needs can be a true challenge to small and medium-sized businesses. Between everyday operating usage, security breaches, the increasing number of (mobile) applications and government requirements, business owners have a lot on their technological plates — especially if infrastructure capabilities are limited. But the cost of Information Technology doesn’t have to affect how small and medium-sized companies do business. Global spending on IT products and services is actually falling, says IT ProPortal, but small and mid-sized enterprises must keep up on IT budgets. When it comes to increasing digital marketing needs and the analytics behind ever-changing methods, companies need more applications, mobile support and higher security measures. Getting the most of your company’s IT budget can include using the best hardware and software available, and having qualified personnel; employees or outsourced companies that are up to date on the latest trends and programs.

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Amazon to Provide Free Resources to K-12 Teachers

Over the past decade, there are few if any companies that have been used by educators as much as Amazon. Whether a school is located on the tip of Maine, or the far reaches of Texas or anywhere else in America, there are probably very few schools that don’t have teachers making purchases from Amazon.

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Technology Investment Tips for Small Businesses

Whether a business is large, medium, or small, new investments in hardware are expensive, and, sometimes there can be risk involved. The expense can often be rationalized as a necessary investment into the company. Often, without an expense in new hardware, a company cannot continue to succeed. The risk comes from uncertainty about whether the new hardware will be important to the company.

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Google Glass in Special Education

About 100 autistic children are taking part in a study in which an application, when used in conjunction with Google Glass, helps these children better understand what people around them are thinking and feeling. One thing that inhibits communication and understanding among some autistic people is an inability to understand what different facial expressions mean. An autistic person may not understand the nonverbal cue of a smile, a frown, a sneer, or other expression.

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Upgrading SMB technology? Read this first.

The relatively recent release of Windows 10 has brought about what seems to be an age old conundrum—when should a small or medium sized business embrace new technology or upgrades to current technology, and when should they delay the change. Windows 10 seems to be a prime example of that issue because few businesses upgraded to Windows 8 when it was released in 2012 and instead kept Windows 7 which was released in 2009. Reportedly, many companies that bought computers loaded with Windows 8 downgraded to Windows 7 which they felt was more reliable and did more of the things they wanted.

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