Bringing Online Education to Young Refugees & Higher Learning

The State Department recently announced its partnership with the free online education website Coursera to bring courses from some of the top universities around the world to refugees. Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University are a few examples of the caliber of institution that is now available to nonprofit groups that support refugees as well as individual refugees with a simple application and a $29 course fee.

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How Small Businesses Can Prevent IT Security Breaches

No matter how large or small, all businesses are potential targets for data thieves. The “art” of hacking has become big business for those who profit from it; the smaller the enterprise is, the easier it can be to infiltrate its cyber security. Small businesses have a lot of expenses to manage — Information Technology (IT) must be at the top of the list. Your small or medium-sized company, just as much as any large operation, is susceptible to cyber-attacks. Websites, online accounts and mobile applications are all at risk for malware, viruses and other evolving internet threats.

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Choosing the Right Chromebooks for K12 Classrooms

Credit: Kevin Jarrett

The past ten years of technological advancements have been incorporated into the classroom. Students of all ages from kindergarten through graduate school are finding their education more efficient and convenient, especially since laptops are no longer prohibited. As a matter of fact, they are encouraged nowadays, allowing students faster, environmentally friendly access to class material, schedules, grades, and assistance. The only question would be which computers are best for K12 classrooms. Chromebooks are the preferred laptop, by far due to their versatility and performance.

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SMBs Leaning on the IT Channel

Small businesses are described as the “backbone of the American economy” typically because of their American allegiance, independent values, and lack of large corporation severity. Unfortunately, the problems facing these small businesses correlate negatively with one of these values. Large corporations have the ability to span the nation and offer services to almost all of its citizens. They have had the gift of accessibility to a larger audience than small businesses. Thankfully, the IT industry has been saving the lives of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by allowing such accessibility among other perks such as security and potential for growth.

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