The Importance of Parental Engagement in Education Technology

At the turn of the century, the world caught a bug; technology. Technology gained momentum which it still is doing at a dizzying rate. At the present, it’s quite hard for a teenager to comprehend how life was before smart phones, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. It’s hard for me to imagine it myself. How did we socialize? How was information disseminated?

iPads, tablets, smartphones have become commonplace in the modern child’s life. It’s becoming more and more common for a toddler to learn how to doodle on a gadget than they would on a drawing book. They are learning at an even younger age to text and make phone calls. The school system has caught this and to prepare the youngsters for a world that is technology-led, they are making it part of their curriculum. This is a great move as it is the only sure way to give a child a head-start in this competitive and positively challenging world.

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Ransomware is Increasingly Targeting SMBs, but Data Prevention is Possible

The world’s growing dependence on technology means greater opportunities for tech-savvy criminals. Recent months have seen a significant increase in a type of cyber-crime known as “ransomware.” Enigma Software Group reports that there was a 158.87 percent increase in ransomware detected by SpyHunter between March and April 2016.

With ransomware, hackers use malware to infect a company’s IT system and encrypt the files, rendering them inaccessible. This encryption may take place over the course of weeks. The cyber criminals demand payment in exchange for releasing the data. While the demands tend to be relatively small, less than $1,000, it can add up to significant profits if only a few victims pay the ransom every day. Even if victims don’t pay up, a ransomware attack can still waste company resources, disrupt business, cause a loss of sales and data, and damage a company’s reputation.

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Summer 2016 Technology Conferences for Teachers

School is out; so is the sun! It’s summertime. For teachers who have been impacting knowledge all through the year, it’s quite a relief to have the break. Some will take this opportunity to learn a new skill or hobby, and for the K-12 teachers who love technology, this could be the best chance to learn some new teaching methods. There’s a lot that you can learn this summer that could improve the way you interact with your tech-advanced students when school resumes in the fall.

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6 Books Every SMB Leader Should Read

Entrepreneurs are accustomed to reading articles, blogs and news related to their respective fields. These entrepreneurs also learn about all aspects of their businesses so that they can run them successfully. Top management is also encouraged to read more often to be up-to-date with the latest trends in the market. However, there are also some great books that every entrepreneur who runs a small to medium sized business should read to derive inspiration from. Each book is unique and a refresher that teaches you how to be a great entrepreneur. Starting out is never easy and before you become a large organization, there are several steps and even years that you first have to master and cross before becoming a huge success. The 6 books are a good read if you are an entrepreneur of a small to mid-sized business.

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7 Useful Websites for K12 Teachers and Students

Credit: Dell

It is important to engage students in the classroom and sometimes textbooks are not sufficient. Interactive websites where students can learn by practicing can help build upon their theoretical skills. By practicing interactive problems or participating in a fun trivia will help them retain the knowledge they receive from textbooks. Some of these websites are also great resources that provide additional information on different courses. Students can learn to enjoy their courses through interactive websites that are educational and fun. Teachers would guide them and be present to answer their questions. There are many websites that cater specifically to K12 teachers and students. Here is a list of the top 7 educational websites that students can benefit from in classrooms:

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How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation week is when we officially celebrate the strong pillars of our society who are responsible for reinforcing essential values in our children and young adults to help them grow into knowledgeable and responsible adults who have the desire to turn their dreams into reality.

Recognizing and celebrating the immense contributions and important roles of educators is one way of showing appreciation to the people who are often left in the shadows. The following are some ideas to make our teachers feel real special for all their hard work.

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