How to: Be a tech-savvier teacher

When K-12 teachers integrate technology into their lesson plans, students not only become more engaged, they often learn more efficiently by using familiar technological gadgets they’re comfortable with. Let’s face it; most elementary school kids today have really never known a world without touchscreens, so teachers must be tech savvy to keep up their students. Besides providing tech savvy activities to enhance student learning, teachers can also benefit from nifty tools available to make other job duties, like grading, quicker and easier.

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How to Buy Computer Hardware for SMBs

Computer hardware is one of the most essential components of running your small- or medium-sized business, but choosing hardware that matches your specific needs and budget can be difficult. From the type of equipment you buy to the timing of your purchase, there are multiple considerations to have in mind when shopping for new technology. These tips will help you source the optimal hardware or your business while staying within your budget.

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15 Useful Classroom Technology Tools for K12

Education has gotten more complex and technical in the past ten years than ever before. The tools needed to teach and educate students require much more than a chalk board, overhead projector and a television with a VCR. Various educational tools continue to appear and evolve in today’s society. Professional educators need at least a general familiarity with a vast array of technologies; everything from social media software to tablets and other computer hardware. Students are more technologically savvy than many adults and school districts have to keep up. In order to help educate the educators; we put together a list of 15 current classroom technology tools that the modern educator should at least be aware of, since many of them are popular and already being used by many both inside and outside the classroom.

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Top IT Threats to Small and Medium Sized Businesses in 2016

Technology is constantly evolving and this is both a good and a bad thing. Communication and productivity improve, but the constant movement of data today has led to a great deal of security concerns. Even the most tech-savvy business owner is bound to deal with unexpected IT threats and potential compromising of their employees’ or customers’ private information. Here are the most current IT threats that all small and medium sized business owners need to be aware of.

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Bring Your Classroom to Life With The Use of Effective Technology

In today’s world, computer skills are now more vital than ever. Students and teachers alike need to be aware of the power of technology and how to harness it to help students learn and grow. Teachers everywhere need prepare their students to understand the world they will be facing once they leave school, a world that includes technology of all kinds at all levels of employment. Many teachers have also come to realize the many ways that using such technology can help them reach out to students more effectively and make their lessons even more relevant and interesting. Students as young as five can benefit from the use of all kinds of varied technological methods.

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5 Reasons Why Desktops are K-12 Classroom Mainstay

Ever since the advent of personal computers, the implied, though unstated, goal seems to be to make them as small and lightweight as possible. Desktop computers were soon seen as clunky, big, and immobile, and laptops were the chic alternative. Netbooks and Chromebooks then became the rage. Recent years have seen a surge in popularity of Chromebooks in classrooms, and there are certainly legitimate reasons for that. But does this mean that desktops are dead, and there is no longer any place for them in schools? Here are five reasons why desktop computers still have a place in today’s schools.

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