Spending on EdTech Hardware Continues to Rise

It’s no secret – the cost of a good education has a hefty price tag. In today’s world, technology plays a huge part of that and, after several years of recession, school districts are now seeing those costs rise again. The numbers, trends and opinions seem to vary but one thing is for certain; the increasing use of edtech hardware and software indicates the need for school districts to stay ahead of the game.

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MIT Expands Research to Enhance Digital Learning

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – the “STEM” subjects don’t always come to mind when focusing on early education. But in today’s digital world, the excitement, inspiration and development for higher educational learning begins with students in grades pre-K to 12.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is encouraging hands-on, engaging activities to bring that inspiration and excitement to the forefront of student educational platforms. Online and digital learning is imperative because preparing children for the future begins with an understanding about what gets them interested in… just about anything. Children and young adults spend increasing amounts of time online; piquing interest in STEM begins with the digital platform.

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What Separates Enterprise Hardware and Consumer Tech?

The average customer is often indifferent toward the type of hardware and technology available in today’s market. However, opinions would be definitely swayed if the average customer knew the significant differences between consumer grade technology and enterprise hardware. Here’s a look at how consumer technology and enterprise hardware differ:

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Chromebooks in School Districts: Making the Right Choice

Discovering inexpensive methods to bring up to date textbooks to a classroom has always been a difficulty for a school attempting to meet state and federal standards. Thankfully, Chromebooks in school makes this possible by adding new technology in the classroom and cutting the weight associated with the average textbook. With this being said, we’re going look at how Chromebooks are important for the classroom and how they can help an educational system meet their requirements. Here’s a look at Chromebook’s and their performance in the classroom.

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