Top Ed Tech Trends of 2015

Students are learning differently than generations past, due in part to the availability of computers for schools and the advancement of mobile technology. We’re looking back at some of the the top ed tech trends in education for the year of 2015 — did your school implement any of these trends in its classrooms?

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EdTech Built for Teacher Accountability

Educational technology (edtech) has made its way into classrooms and the learning process with abandon. What started out an educational experiment has now become commonplace in most K-12 institutions throughout the United States. Whether it is a popular game-based learning platform like Kahoot! that gets students ultra-engaged, or a simple messaging service that allows teachers to connect with parents daily, edtech is making some revolutionary strides. However, while EdTech is making advances with students, there remains a gap in the industry when it comes to teacher evaluation and performance.

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The Emergence of Chromebooks in Schools

Finding new and inexpensive ways to bring updated textbooks to students has always been a challenge for schools looking to keep their educational practices up to state and federal standards. However, Chromebooks have made this possible not only by adding new technology to the mix, but keeping the usual textbook weight down to a minimal. With this said, let’s take a look at how Chromebooks have slowly proliferated themselves into U.S. schools and how they benefit the educational system for teacher and student alike. Here’s a look at the Chromebook’s bright future in the classroom.

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