More Chromebooks in Schools Than All Other Devices Combined

Not too long ago, Apple was the company that ruled the tech space, and therefore was the most prominent in schools. In fact, the Apple was “the” school computer as far back as 1978. It may not have had an overwhelming presence, but Apple got a second wind in 2010 when the iPad was introduced for schools. However, many educators argued whether or not the iPad was the best device that could be used for interactive learning in the classroom, and they soon wanted other options.

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Considerations for Deploying Chromebooks, Notebooks and Tablets in Schools

When your school district decides to enter the high-tech education space and deploy a tablet initiative, there are several considerations that need to be made. The most obvious one is cost, but other factors are much more subtle and complicated than at first glance. The underlying technological advantages and disadvantages of vastly different products like Chromebooks and iPads should be a major consideration when making purchasing decisions. Also understanding software limitations on different platforms should also factor in. So before making any kind of decision, it is extremely important to look at not only the big picture, but the details as well.

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A Look at Apple’s Enterprise Hardware Push

Apple CEO Tim Cook openly discussed plans for integrating into the corporate world with an enterprise hardware push that’s just beginning. During an appearance at an enterprise software conference, Cook made the intentions of this new endeavor clear. The objective is to be taken as a serious contender in the development of products and services that businesses can’t live without.

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Survey Uncovers EdTech Challenges

A recent survey shows that technology is permeating the classroom faster than most educators perceive. Unlike the past, districts are no longer setting up remote computer labs. Instead, teachers are more often incorporating technology into the day-to-day activity of their classrooms. According to a survey of 173 district officials, principals and teachers, 60% use a laptop/desktop computer daily in their classroom. While applauding the rapid proliferation of technology in the classroom, the survey also points out several problems being created in the wake. Here are the three of the biggest challenges uncovered by the study:

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Will Smart Classrooms Enable National Prosperity?

The more money that is invested into the education system, the more prosperous a country tends to be. This is apparent by the correlation between literacy rates and the level of development undergone by a country. As governments realize this correlation, more and more money is being invested into education technology, or edtech. The aim of edtech is to help students develop their understanding, creativity, and imagination, according to a study conducted by TMR (Transparency Market Research). Edtech has been shown to contribute to the quality of education.

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