Enterprise Technology: Empowering IT to Embrace Mobility

Bringing true mobility to your business environment can be a daunting task. Deployment, security and maintenance are all very real issues that can put even the most efficient IT departments to the test. Giving employees additional access to sensitive business data brings with it a whole scope of challenges that need to be addressed in a practical and efficient way. Additional devices mean additional access points and additional access points require additional security protocols and also generate additional maintenance issues. These are a real concerns for any IT professional, but they do not have to be a road block to implementing successful mobile solutions.

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When Will Technology Truly Transform Education?

Despite all of the technological progress being made, recent findings have found K-12 education at its foundation has remained more or less the same: A classroom and a teacher. The largest change has been students using laptops or tablets; sometimes even including kindergarten students. At the college level, correspondence courses have been replaced with online courses, but traditional college remains much as it was. Students may type and print homework instead of writing it (one reason why cursive is no longer being taught in many places), and chalkboards have in been replaced by smart whiteboards, but otherwise the classroom looks the same as it did 30 years ago.

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The Decline of the PC and the Emergence of Chromebook Education Technology

Although PCs are still the go-to device for businesses, the market has seen an overall decline in their sales. On the contrary, notebooks such as the Google Chromebook have seen a sharp increase in sales, mostly due to the rise of the education technology marketplace. Why has this shift occurred? Has the traditional technology market shifted towards mobile platforms? If so, why? The answers to those questions are quite complex, but a bit of research has unclouded the picture.

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The Role of the CIO in Enterprise IT Strategy

Only a couple of years ago, the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) was accompanied by the mystery surrounding mainframes and building homegrown software required many tightly supervised programmers. Back in the day, most CIOs had technical backgrounds, and many were hired from outside the company, often with little knowledge of the business itself.

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Network, Privacy, and Machine Learning: The 3 ‘Black Swans’ of Education Technology

Last week on September 29th the New Media Consortium broadcast the latest webinar in their Beyond the Horizon series, a string of intriguing discussions that explore the future of education technology in the years after their annual Horizon Report. In the webinar, titled “Black Swans,” five leading NMC experts analyzed such possible outcomes and outlined strategies for three key areas that the education industry could prepare itself for. These three areas were identified as black swans.

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EETT in 2016: President’s Budget Proposal for EdTech

Like all other aspects of our society, education has been revolutionized by technology within the last decade or so. Not only has it modernized the way our classrooms look, it has also modernized the way our students learn. Some classrooms now look almost futuristic, equipped with edtech like digital projectors, advanced tablets and virtual smart-boards. The Internet has proven a valuable asset to assist educators in becoming more innovative and engaging than ever before.

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