What Can Corporate IT Can Learn from Startups?

Corporate IT firms have created soft-spots within customers’ hearts. With their maturity in the industry, we grow up following the footsteps of our grandparents and parents in choosing and using brands that they introduced to us. With their financial muscle, the function resembles a consignment ship on the ocean; they may change course for land masses, but are relatively unmoved by heavy swells.

However, with the changing times, corporate IT can learn a lot from start-ups to meet the global insatiable consumer demands. Here are a few lessons that big IT corporations can learn from startups!

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Beyond EdTech: The Importance of Educating Educators

Like virtually every industry in the world, education has changed drastically with the advent of the Internet and the explosive growth of technology. Chalkboards have been replaced by virtual “smart boards” and textbooks replaced with laptops and tablets. Today’s students have unparalleled, instant access to a variety of information, resources and tools.

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Will the iPad Pro top the business tablet market?

After over a year of speculation, the iPad Pro finally has a release date. Apple’s newest, biggest tablet is due to hit the market in November 2015 in time for the Black Friday rush, and according to IDC estimates it couldn’t come at a better time. The iPad Pro is Apple’s answer to customers’ plea for an “enterprise-ready” device. The standard model iPad has been a business favorite since its inception, but lacked many features that professionals need – like a full keyboard.

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Chromebooks Lead in Education Technology Market

Apple has long dominated the field of education technology with the iPad. However, the iPad can be pricey, particularly on public school budgets, and has some limitations compared to cheaper alternatives that offer the same functionalities. As a matter of fact, the iPad frenzy may soon be over. Chromebooks have been adopted by many schools as part of their digital learning initiatives. The first Chromebooks, by Samsung and Acer Inc., were announced by Google in May 2011, and since then the Chromebook has evolved through hardware upgrades, technological advancements, and regular updates to its Chrome operating system.

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Google for Education, Chromebooks and Ed Tech

In the last decade especially, the use and capability of educational technology has skyrocketed. Today, nearly every school is clamoring to find a way to involve popular gadgets like laptops and tablets in the teaching process. Ready and willing to provide guidance for such efforts is the Google for Education program, an initiative that collaborates with schools and teachers to introduce and develop a variety of educational apps and other technological tools.

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Versatile Classrooms with Notebooks and Chromebooks for Education

Education technology is developing and progressing so quickly that devices that seemed cutting-edge less than a decade ago are now starting to show their age. Today, tech-savvy educators are realizing that notebooks, ultrabooks, and Chromebooks in the classroom have an incredibly wide range of potential applications. These products are also frequently more affordable to buy in bulk than other types of devices–especially if you partner with a trusted education technology supplier like BlueRange Technology.

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