Department of Education Promoting Innovation and Evaluation in Ed Tech

As technology integrates every aspect of our lives, classrooms are not left untouched. By 2017, a whopping 99 percent of classrooms nationwide will be high tech, boasting high-speed wifi. With the Internet at teacher’s fingertips, educational technology has become a hot topic, as well as a focus for the U.S. Department of Education. The department has turned its focus to developing software and apps that engage students and enhance their learning, as well as improve teachers’ resources. Innovation and evaluation in ed tech are vital, and developers can find potential opportunities in this thriving field.

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5 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 for enterprise

With Windows 10 just a few weeks old, there are already hundreds of reviews praising its improvement over Windows 8. After Windows 8 missed the mark, some were hesitant to make the upgrade right away. But for enterprise users, Windows 10 offers new features that make it easier to multitask and the system itself runs faster than its predecessors. Below are five new features that make upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 an excellent way to breathe new life into machines that are already a few years old.

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4 Upcoming Ed Tech Conferences to Get Excited About!

As educators and ed tech enthusiasts will tell you, there are dozens of conferences nationwide (and worldwide) every year. They are a meeting of the greatest minds in education and education technology for more than a simple show-and-tell – these conferences are a catalyst for collaboration and innovation.

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Which 3 cities are rising to the top of the edtech startup game?

The edtech revolution is spreading, and across the U.S. the expansion comes not just in the form of devices, but also startup businesses. With the technology industry growing exponentially, it was a natural progression for the innovation to spread to education. With dozens of edtech startups launching every year, there we are beginning to see that hubs for edtech are popping up across the country in the same way major technology hubs have!

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Chromebooks for education winning initiatives nationwide

Over the past year, Chromebooks for education have gained plenty of attention from edtech experts, educators, and technology enthusiasts. Where once, these machines were snubbed in favor of more expensive and complicated laptops, they are now at the forefront of the education market and their popularity is growing by the day.

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EdTech going beyond devices in the classroom

Education technology, or “edtech,” goes deeper than “which computers do we buy for our lab?” Students are glued to their smartphones and tablets, and stopping a lesson to tell a student to put their phone away is almost as distracting as the student using it in the first place. But as technology has evolved and exploded in the last decade, innovative teachers and administrators have gotten creative. Now, instead of banning mobile tech in the classroom, successful teachers are using it to their advantage. From apps to websites, teachers are leveraging the very technology their students use to chat, tweet, surf and share, to help teach them valuable skills and concepts.

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