Lenovo adds the rugged new N21 to their series of Chromebooks for schools

The education technology industry has a new player on the market, thanks to Lenovo’s N21 Chromebook, designed especially with schools in mind. Durability is an essential component in Chromebooks for schools. Because students handle the computers year after year, administrators want to invest in computers that can withstand wear from not-always-gentle hands. Lenovo understands the importance of durability, and its N21Chromebook has been designed for use in the classroom.

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Lenovo Computers for Schools: ThinkPad 11e

Lenovo Computers for Schools: ThinkPad 11e Laptop computers have plenty of applications in the classroom, but it takes a specific type of laptop to be able to hold up against the stresses often put on technology in schools. Levovo has long been a favorite in the education market, and the company once again showcased its commitment to this niche with the recent release of its newest ThinkPad 11e models. By updating these computers for education with the latest bells and whistles, Levovo helps ensure that students and teachers will have exposure to cutting-edge technology.

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Getting the Most from your Budget: Refurbished iPads for Schools

As schools try to keep up with the latest innovations in education technology, it can be tempting to jump right in without carefully considering the best course of action. iPads in particular have the potential to be incredible learning tools, but they need to be implemented thoughtfully and with specific purpose. Any implementation should first review how many iPads are needed against how many iPads a school can afford. After the technology is purchased, a substantial internal support network is crucial to effectively utilizing the investment within each classroom.

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