Investors Turning to EdTech: Computers for Education

Education is finally gaining the attention of the technology industry. Fledgling companies are competing for big dollars from investors, and they are getting it before their ideas are proven to be profitable or equitable. This growing industry grew immensely last year with the aid of venture and equity financing for education technology. According to CB Insights, the total investment soared to $1.87 billion, more than doubling the previous year’s investment.

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2015 Ed Tech Trends in Computers for Schools

Education technology is constantly evolving, and many schools struggle to keep up with the latest innovations while staying within their budgets. There are a number of trends in blended learning that are likely to evolve and play major roles in education during 2015, some of which can be spread unilaterally over multiple devices. After the proper hardware is in place, the next struggle is implementing the technology into everyday lesson plans in a way that can be beneficial for both teacher and student. Here is a look at some of the ways that computers and other devices are being integrated into the classroom this year.

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Tablets & Computers for Education Spending Projections Through 2018

There’s no denying that technology plays a major role in the American education system today. Between teachers finding ways to incorporate computers into their lesson plans and students needing to keep up with the latest technological innovations in order to be successful in their future endeavors, it’s clear that classrooms are unlikely to ever revert back to the standard teaching techniques that were popular for almost a century. Of course, as dependence on computers for education grows, so too does the amount of money spent on the latest systems. In fact, analysts are predicting that spending in this sector is expected to rise for at least several more years.

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Computers for Schools: HP Targets Education with ZBook at CES 2015

Though desktops have long been a staple in school computer labs across the country, recent trends in education technology have started to accentuate the benefits of having laptops that can be used by both teachers and students in the classroom. To help address the importance of having lightweight, portable computers for schools with powerful interior components, HP recently introduced its new line of ZBook Workstations at the 2015 International CES trade show.

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The Importance of Computers for Education

The age of technology is in full swing, and it is constantly revolutionizing every industry across the world. Without a doubt, education is one sector in which the introduction of computers can have a major impact. In fact, research has proven that students’ learning experience vastly improves when they have access to the latest education technology. Teachers who embrace computers in the classroom may need to adjust their methods, but the result is almost always a positive one.

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