E-Rate Funding Boost Passed to Support Education Technology

As the information age continues to evolve, students in K-12 schools are relying more and more on access to technology in order to learn more effectively and be as competitive as possible in their future endeavors. Many schools, however, are unable to afford luxuries like high-speed Internet on their own. The FCC’s E-Rate funding program was established more than a decade ago to help ensure that schools can get access to faster Internet service by applying for government assistance. Schools can receive a telecom subsidy that ranges from 20 percent to 90 percent of the total cost of broadband. Specific amounts are based on the level of poverty in the district, and they will vary depending on whether the school is located in a rural or urban community. You can read a summary of the E-Rate program as it relates to more affordable education technology here.

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Why Should IT Buyers Choose Refurbished Computers for Schools?

As an IT buyer for education technology, you will eventually face the fact that your budget doesn’t exactly coincide with all the hardware you need to purchase. True, lavish budgets are hard to come by in every industry, and education IT administrators face a unique conflict: equip schools that are up to date with modern specifications, meet the high standards set by the school board, and do it as inexpensively as possible.

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How much can you save with Dell computer specials for schools?

Computer use is a major component of the modern education system in the U.S., and most schools need to have a bulk supply of computers to accommodate the needs of both students and teachers. Unfortunately, buying all these machines directly from the manufacturer can get expensive very quickly and will eat away at your school’s IT budget. Companies offering certified refurbished equipment are prime options for schools looking to conserve their tight budgets without sacrificing quality technology.

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