Getting students engaged with technology | Computers for education

One of the major struggles of educators since the beginning of time has been dealing with distractions in the classroom. In an age where we are surrounded by possibly more distractions than ever before, it is important to find ways to keep students engaged. While many believe that technology is a source for these classroom distractions, we like to think that technology can be used to your advantage. In fact, computers for schools and technology are great ways to get students engaged, and can even appeal to them more than traditional teaching methods. Below are three excellent was that you can leverage technology to your advantage in the classroom!

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E-Rate funding reform sparks concern | Computers for Schools

Those who follow the education industry may have heard about the recent changes to the E-Rate funding program. The changes to the program have brought up concerns for many members of the education community. With budgets so tight in the education industry, finding reasonable contracts on technology, computers for schools, and networking solutions have led many school systems to rely on the E-Rate program for telecommunications assistance and have led many to sound off.

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