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Xchange Technology Group: Etching Services

Celebrate your brand, commemorate an event or highlight your unique style with our Laser Etching Service. You’ll get a highly detailed laser etched high resolution image of your choice. Get a no-strip, no-blur, UV full shading fortified print finish.

Asset Management
Laser engraving creates a crisp, clean identifier that does not damage the value or integrity of the item. Laptops can be engraved with your company name and asset tag number for tracking. There are several legal reasons for asset identification and we can help.

Merging Your Physical and Cybersecurity Strategies

Your physical security is certainly more important than your virtual security when it comes down to it. No one would argue that a broken leg is more immediate than a hacked Facebook profile. But many people forget just how linked the two concepts are in this day and age. A wired alarm system is only effective if it’s working properly. If it’s hacked, you’re left as vulnerable as you would be if you’d never installed the control panel to begin with. Read more

What Your School District Gains from VoIP

VoIP and unified communications has long been associated with the business community, but it is often overlooked as a fundamental part of most educational institutions’ IT infrastructure.

There are many benefits to utilizing VoIP communication instead of a traditional landline system. Take a look at some of the advantages your district stands to gain from VoIP: Read more

Why Your UPS Power Backup Really is Important

An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) ensures that your company has electricity no matter what outside events interfere with its functionality. Unlike your standard home appliances, the networks and systems at a place of business are more susceptible to larger problems, making your UPS one of the more important components in your electrical system. Plus, a single outage can alter your course of business in ways you may not have even considered. If you’ve been neglecting either acquiring or maintaining your UPS, it may be time to reconsider your priorities. Read more

Top Chromebooks for Education Blogs You Should Read this Week

When it comes to hardware in ed tech, it’s all about the Chromebook. We know firsthand.

Want to do some more reading on the topic? Here’s some of the top blogs you should read covering security, durability as well as Chromebook competition.


Read more

Getting the Most from a Hyperconvergence Investment

In IT, you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. This means IT professionals always do their research on new systems and frameworks before spending any of your organization’s hard earned money. (At least we hope so.) 

As virtualization has become more commonplace in businesses, healthcare and even education organizations, your IT Team is probably familiar with the new and popular framework being implemented in data centers around the world called hyperconvergence.  Read more

Endpoint Security for Chromebooks

If you’re an IT strategist for a school, you’ve probably gone Google – or are planning to do so like thousands of your peers across the U.S. and Canada.

That means you’re investing funds in Chromebooks for education, which may be a part of a 1:1 initiative of getting a machine to each student in your district.

While it’s true that Chromebooks come with an affordable price tag, going 1:1 means you’re investing in hundreds, maybe thousands of machines. Collectively it is a sizeable investment, and it’s your job to ensure the integrity and security of each machine, as well as your network. Read more

Ransomware Prevention Checklist

The rise of ransomware has proliferated in recent years due to its remarkable efficiency and steady payouts for criminals. Unsurprisingly, the rise of ransomware is partially due to the hacker’s ability to keep pace with the new software upgrades and barriers that regularly debut. The combination of social engineering and file-encryption is often no match for the IT teams that may only have so much power to effect change in their organization. Read more

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