Remove ransomware, restore encrypted files, and prevent future occurrences.

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Our CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) experts have 20+ years of experience and strengthened cybersecurity for schools, hospitals, financial institutions, construction firms & more throughout the U.S., Canada & U.K. 

If you’ve already been afflicted:

  • We can guide your team through the containment, eradication and recovery phases.
  • Our experts are on-hand and ready to handle your case, beginning with a quick diagnosis and removal plan. Don’t pay! Call us first to review your options.
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After recovery or preemptive protection:

  • We can provide a penetration/vulnerability assessment.
  • Our expert team will implement and monitor a trusted cyber security solution such as Sophos Intercept X or Cisco Ransomware Defense.

Even if you haven’t been affected yet, a ransomware attack is inevitable. Protect your business or school today.

  • “Free” recovery solutions after you pay the ransom are never really free. You will be a bigger target and more susceptible to another attack.
  • You can save time and money with ransomware protection by offsetting the impact of one, or multiple malicious encryptions.
  • Being prepared allows you to recover more quickly and with less overall cost, should a breach occur.

“Anatomy of an Attack” by Cisco


Know your risks. Why should you be concerned?

In the face of a massive international ransomware attack, Microsoft offers sound advice as to why a business running an old operating system like Windows XP/Server 2003 is more vulnerable:

  • Security – Without critical Windows XP/Server 2003 security updates, your PC/SERVER may become vulnerable to harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software which can steal or damage your business data and information. Anti-virus software will also not be able to fully protect you once Windows XP/Server 2003 itself is unsupported.
  • Compliance – Businesses that are governed by regulatory obligations such as HIPAA may find that they are no longer able to satisfy compliance requirements. More information on HHS’s view on the security requirements for information systems that contain electronic protected health information (e-PHI) can be found here (HHS HIPAA FAQ – Security Rule).
  • Lack of Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Support – Many software vendors will no longer support their products running on Windows XP/Server 2003 as they are unable to receive Windows XP/Server 2003 updates. For example, the new Office takes advantage of the modern Windows and will not run on Windows XP/Server 2003.
  • Hardware Manufacturer Support – Most PC/SERVER hardware manufacturers will stop supporting Windows XP/Server 2003 on existing and new hardware. This will also mean that drivers required to run Windows XP/Server 2003 on new hardware may not be available.

See our parent company CEO, Alan Rupp, discuss ransomware on ABC11 WTVD:

Let us help place advanced, end-to-end, technology-based controls that allow you to detect and prevent breaches in the first place.

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