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Product Spotlight: Cisco Ransomware Defense & Sophos Intercept X

Cyber security came to the forefront in headlines once again beginning last Friday, when the WannaCry, also referred to as WannaCrypt, Wana Decryptor or WCry, ransomware strain infiltrated businesses, hospitals, and government agencies throughout 150 countries. The spread slowed over the weekend; however, there are already imitators taking its place while the initial strain still lingers with a slow penetration even into the United States. Read more

Best Homework Apps for High Schoolers

It seems kids nowadays have more homework than ever before; however, they also have greater resources than any previous generation. Utilizing the little devices they covet so dearly, in addition to their school-provided Chromebooks, they have the power to reach countless study tools and inexpensive tutor programs to help them get through their homework successfully.

For those parents who want to help their kids but find the subject matter challenging themselves after the curriculum becomes increasingly more difficult in high school, there are multiple apps that can help supplement your ‘shortcomings.’ Teachers can also provide a list of approved apps that the school recommends in order to help parents who may otherwise not know where to look. Read more

Top Healthcare Apps for Doctors & Medical Coders

We have a created a short list of apps that thousands of medical institutions and millions of medical professionals have already been using on their various devices. Many of the available apps are a part of a larger software system to which many institutions usually subscribe. From drug interactions to physicians’ social networking – it’s all available with the touch of a finger.

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Cybersecurity in EdTech: Get Hacking Into the Curriculum

Cybersecurity is culminating two-fold into the education sphere: education institutions need greater cybersecurity to protect their faculty, students and IT infrastructure, and they also need to educate their student base to become the next generation of defenders against cybercrime. The calls for teaching hacking skills to K-12 students are becoming louder and more frequent as each year passes.

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Impact of Federal Budget Cuts for 2018 Ed Tech


Over the last several years, we’ve seen consecutive annual updates showing an increased spending on technology in the classroom for both hardware or software solutions catering to the K-12 marketplace. The cost-effectiveness of Chromebooks and refurbished laptops have made it easier for many schools across the United States to go 1:1 – machine to student—in their districts. But this spending trend may be coming to an abrupt halt—particularly for public schools—due to potential federal budget cuts that loom ahead. The budget proposal released by the current presidential administration aims to cut $13 billion in education spending in 2018-2019 school year. Read more

5 Ways to Protect Your Small Business from Cyber Threats

While big businesses often have the most up-to-date cyber security defense system employed, small businesses remain particularly vulnerable to cyber crime. They are increasingly becoming the subjects of cyber attacks either because they don’t have the internal knowledge or the resources to protect themselves. However, it is crucial that every business – big and small – does everything it can to protect itself from data breaches that come at a significant cost.

So for this year’s Small Business Week, we give you five different ways that small businesses can protect themselves from various cyber threats. Read more

Best Phonics & Reading Apps for Young Kids

Educators are constantly evolving their curriculum and teaching strategies to incorporate the latest technology in a way that will pose the greatest benefit to their students, in addition to making the greatest use of a school’s investment in hardware. Perhaps your school is using iPads, or like so many others, have made the switch to Google and deployed 1:1 Chromebooks throughout your district. Maybe you are fortunate enough to work in, or have a child who attends a school district that has a combination of both.

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How to Use Social Selling in B2B Markets

Today’s social world has opened many doors for businesses, especially when it comes to selling products to the people in charge of deciding what to buy. Sales people must now curtail the formalities and “get social” when it comes to selling their wares.

Straight up business-to-business sales approaches are getting stale, says the Harvard Business Review. The old way of cold telephone calls, outbound contacts and personal door-to-door sales meetings is not as effective as it once was — in fact, surveys indicate that fewer prospective buyers are returning calls or looking at sales emails. More and more, we’re seeing referrals and peer recommendations as sources for opening the doors to selling to small, medium and large-sized businesses.

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The Prevalence of 1:1 Computing in 2017 and Beyond

The very first school to require every student to purchase a notebook computer was Melbourne’s Methodist Ladies’ College in 1990. This wasn’t just a notable, groundbreaking moment for technology, though—it was an initiative that got schools everywhere—K-12 included—thinking. Governments and schools from around the world monitored the effectiveness of the new educational tool the Methodist Ladies’ College had adopted, wondering what the policy meant for the future. They wondered what would happen if they too adopted a 1:1 computing initiative, and how much something like that would cost.

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